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Sale of fasteners from the manufacturer

Pestall plus stands for FAIR prices!


Sales of ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT from a manufacturer

Pestall plus stands for FAIR prices!

Our products

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  • Metric Fasteners
    • Round head furniture bolts
    • Screws
    • Screws M6 small countersunk, head cross
    • Screws M6 countersunk inbus 4 mm., sharpening
    • Screws M6 countersunk inbus 4 mm., thinning
    • Screws M8 square head
    • Round head furniture screws
    • Screws flathead inside, inbus
    • Screws flathead inside, inbus full thread
    • Screws pointed flathead inside, inbus
    • Screws
    • Screws pointed flathead with washer, cruciform
    • Screws pointed flathead, inbus №5
    • Screws countersunk cruciform
    • Screws square head
    • Nuts
    • Nuts and others
    • Threaded bushing
    • Other screws
  • Screw fasteners
    • Confirmation screws
    • Wood screw
    • Wood screws pointed flathead with washer, cruciform
    • Wood screws pointed flathead with washer, cruciform, double thread
    • Wood screws countersunk head cross
    • Wood screws inbus head with washer
    • Axles
    • Brackets
    • Washers
    • Threaded pieces
    • Other fasteners
  • Metal fasteners
    • Bushing
    • Rivet
  • Sets of furniture
  • Buckle
    • Frame’s clamps
    • Table’s clamps
    • Corner’s clamps
    • Corners
  • Furniture of sofas and beds
    • Supports
    • Bed’s clamps
    • Clamps for cushioned furniture
    • Clamps for glasses and mirrors
  • Plastic products
    • Bush
    • Wall plug
    • Plug
    • Base holder
    • Other plastic products
  • Profile (pipe profile)
    • Plug with sealing angle
    • Other details
  • Wrenches
  • Sliding mechanism
    • Components of the SM
    • Sliding mechanism version 2
    • Sliding mechanism version 3
  • Transformation mechanism
    • Mechanism for block taking
    • Transformation mechanism
    • Support
  • Stationary and regulated supports
    • Regulated supports
    • Stationary supports
    • Card latch
    • Planks, plates, suspensions
  • Carcass
    • Suburban’s furniture
    • “Garda” type of the bed
    • Base of the beds
    • Other carcasses productions
    • Cots
  • Wheel support
    • Wheels
    • Wheel support H 100
    • Wheel support version 8
    • Wheel support version 9
    • Wheel support bearings with potting hole (⌀ 10)
    • Wheel support bearings with heels
    • Furniture moving skates
    • Turning support
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Own production

We are sure of the high quality of our products manufactured at modern production facilities

Low prices

Due to the favorable exchange rate of the Russian Ruble, our products are cheaper by 15-20 %, which will make you happy

Quality inspection

We test and check all our products in our own high-voltage testing laboratory


We are interested in long term partnership, and we pay attention to every client

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Bed base

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Благодар натяжные потолки в ижевске
Благодар натяжные потолки в ижевске
Благодар натяжные потолки в ижевске
Благодар натяжные потолки в ижевске
Благодар натяжные потолки в ижевске
Благодар натяжные потолки в ижевске

About our factory

As of today, we manufacture a wide line-up of transformers, spare parts and equipment that may fully satisfy high requirements of consumers.

We are outstanding in:

  • Modern production facilities,
  • Unique technology,
  • High level of engineering development,
  • Extensive experience in production,
  • The even-keeled team that allows the factory to compete successfully in the modern market of electrical products.

You may want to visit our manufacturing facilities located in Russia, Izhevsk
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For 3 years, the Pestall plus s.r.o. has been a trusted representative of the "ENCO" electrical products factory located in Russia, which is the leader in supplying transformer spare parts in Russia. Competent and qualified personnel makes cooperation comfortable and, most important, enabled the company to win the "Reliable partner" title in distribution of our products in the markets of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, and Georgia. Currently, the company is negotiating the possibility of development and production of transformers in the territory of the Czech Republic.

ENCO - www.en-co.ru

We hereby confirm that the Pestall plus s.r.o. company has been our business partner for the last several years, and has established itself as a reliable supplier of electrical products. From the Russian manufacturer "ENCO" Factory of Electrotechnical Equipment". The products delivered to KPB Intra s.r.o. had no quality claims. Pestall plus s.r.o. is a responsible supplier. We recommend cooperating with this company.

KPB Intra - www.kpbintra.cz

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